March 29, 2023
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                                     VMC is an independently owned full service vending company located in Chelmsford, MA.  We are small enough to provide our customers with a personal relationship and large enough to handle all your needs.We are a family run business and we extend that mentality to our customers, treating them as one of the family. Our buying power gives us flexibility to offer you competitive pricing and state of the art equipment. Our route drivers are highly motivated and empowered to make decisions to please their customers. At VMC, we build our reputation one customer at a time.

Customer Satisfaction:

   * Customized product selection to meet our customer needs.

   * We offer a unique product mix that differentiates us from our competitors.  Our company offers a large selection of "Healthy Alternative" products which include low-fat, low-carb and no-carb items. We are a leader in variety and value.

   * Exceptional personalized service, all our customers have direct access to the owners via cell phone, offering customers immediate response.

   * All personnel are provided company cell phones for instant communication.

Refund Program:

 If anyone experiences loss due to a machine malfunction or damaged product, a refund will be granted. We will work closely with your facility to design the best and quickest procedure for handling refund monies.

   * A petty cash fund can be given to a designated person who makes refunds to those who have lost money on the spot.  We will replenish the bank as needed.

   * Anyone who loses money can fill out a refund envelope and our service personnel will put the money in the envelope and leave it with a designated individual who will disburse envelopes to the employees.


 Our philosophy is that each machine is monitored on an individual basis. Each machine will be replenished with items that are specific to the customer it serves. Product requests are our number one source of input and are always encouraged.We are a leader in variety and value.

Service Cycles:

 Our service cycles are determined based on consumption. When an account is setup and the machines are installed, we will monitor the account to determine the correct service cycle. All machines are scheduled for service so that a reasonable amount of product is always available to our customers. If at anytime you feel your service is not adequate, we can reevaluate your company to adjust for any changes that may have taken place.  Also, if a special function is planned, such as inventory or an employee meeting, we will adjust your service cycle to accommodate for the additional volume.


   Vending Machine Companies is an insured, licensed, and bonded vending company. All certificates will be provided.

   VMC instills in each of its employees the philosophy that every customer deserves and shall receive the highest quality of service and products available in the vending industry.



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