March 29, 2023
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Vending Equipment & Product Offerings :


Vending Machine Companies offers only the most modern, state-of-the-art vending equipment. We don't lease or charge you to have our vending machines at your location. These bright and sleek machines are a welcome addition to any breakroom, employee lounge or cafeteria. Traditional soda vending machines aren't the only beverage options anymore.

We offer Coca-Cola and Pepsi beverage vending machines fully stocked with the most most popular  cold beverage drinks. From the traditional soda mainstays to healthier alternatives like water and juices, our cold beverage  vending machines have options sure to please any palate.

We carry a wide variety of modern reliable vending equipment including glassfronts, can machines, Gatorade machines, Snapple machines, and even generic machines that can sell Coca-Cola and Pepsi products.

We carry the full line of Coca-Cola Branded products. Click here to download the list in PDF format.

We also carry a full line of your favorite Pepsi products.Click here to download the list in PDF format.


Our snack machine, the Merchant delivers more variety, giving our consumers the new flavors, healthy snacks, and new products they demand. With 50% more selections than conventional snack merchandisers, Merchant can provide the right quantity and product mix to satisfy the most unique preferences of any location.

With more selections, new styling, and an enlarged glass front window, Merchant snack machines deliver a wider variety of products in a fresh, new way that keeps your employees coming back for more. An optional bill recycler that accepts larger deomitations of bills and pays back change in bills, sets a new standard  for consumer convenience.

Save your business the hassle of dealing with annoying service calls, failed vends, and frustrated consumers by choosing the Merchant snack machines. Crane's latest sensing technology, Sure-Vend, guarantees that consumers get their products or they get their money back. With an 80 year legacy , the Crane National Vendors brand is renowned  for superior durability and reliable operation.



A complete line of healthy alternatives are available at your request. Click here to download the list in PDF format.

As always, we carry all of the popular candies and snacks that you are sure to enjoy! Click here to download the list in PDF format.


Think of it as a food court at the end of the hall. The Shopper is a 24 hour fresh food solution providing your employees variety, freshness, and great taste. Full entrees, combo meals, ethnic foods, salads, fresh fruit, and delicatessen style sandwiches are the fuel to keep the engine of your workplace humming along.

With the tightest temperature control in the industry, you can rest assured products will be their at their best. The Health Control Temperature Setting is computer monitored to guarentee freshness.

We carry a wide array of  fresh food products. All our fresh food is made daily in a USDA approved facility.    Click here to download the list in PDF format.

We also carry all the local favorite ice cream and frozen novelties. 


Experience the pleasures of delicious hot beverages that rival that of gourmet coffee shops. Enjoy exotic roasts, indulgent cappuccinos, cafe mocha, creamy hot chocolate and many more.

Satisfy every taste preference with Whole Bean, or Fresh Brew coffee, Cappuccino, Fench Vanilla, Cafe Mocha, English Toffee, Hot Chocolate and  even custom recipe hot beverages.

Employees can adjust strength levels and customize condiments to meet their individual taste.

  Between our competive prices and our wide variety of services, the choice is easy. For additional information about Vending Machine Co please complete our online information request or call us at (978) 251-8363 (VEND).   
   Fully licensed and insured  and serving Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire  



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