March 29, 2023
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Below is a sample of our vending programs : 

*Healthy Program- This program consists of creating an entire machine or a portion of the vending machine with all healthier alternative products. This will include products which include low-fat, low-carb, and no-carb items. Vending Machine Companies is a leader in variety and value.

*Frequent Buyers Program- This program consists of creating rewards for your employees. Please contact us to discuss further details.

*Energy Efficient Equipment Program- This program consists of using only Energy Star rated vending machines. We also use vend misers to eliminate high electricity costs. Vending machines can also be programmed to shut off at certain times during the day.

*Recycle Program- This program has recycle receptacles placed in designated areas so that it could be collected and recycled. The proceeds are then donated to a local charity of your choice with your company being the sponsor.

*Full Service Program- This program provides the service requested by most companies. Full vending service is designed for the company interested in having refreshments delivered automatically and made available through vending equipment at competitve prices.

*Full Subsidy Full Service Plan-   This program is designed to offer refreshments "free" to your employeess or customers. The company subsidizes the full amount of the vend price. The company is invoiced on a periodic basis for the full subsidy amount.

*Partial Subsidy Full Service Program- This program is similar to the Full service program, however, it is designed to offer refreshments at a "reduced" amount they decide on. The subsidized amount is invoiced on a periodic basis.

*Office Refreshment Services Program- This program is designed for the company that wishes to offer refreshements and snacks to their employees or customers without vending machines. Scheduled deliveries are based on geographic parameters. Deliveries are subject to minimums.







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